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-- Procucts(Control and Measuring) --

Our Typical Works of the Years and Customers, from 1976 to 2002 (Measuring and Analizing)

Traffic Control of New Transportation System uparrow.gifPage Top


(Sumitomo Electric Industries,Ltd. 1973〜1976)

  We designed Subsystems for Traffic and Operation Control for the New Transportation System in collaboration with Sumitomo Electric Industries, and carried out Simultaneous automatic operation of two trains on the test track, checking Service performance at stations.

  Also, when we participated in designing the Main Control System, we were in charge of establishing the Traffic Control Software including Section blocking and Train control.

Measuring / Control system dispersed on Computer network uparrow.gifPage Top


(Mitsubishi Electric Corp., 1997〜2000)

  This is a Software system for Measuring, Control and Processing, which can take free configurations with property of Graceful Degradation in case of troubles, and can process the data from various measuring devices.

  The first work to make up a flexible system with plural computers was to divide the functions of whole system into three categories ; (1) Saving data on Database, (2) Interface for each Measuring / Control device, (3) Indication of gained data and processing for reports. The second was to divide again each category of functions into several Processes according to their basic functions. The last was unification of all of Interfaces between elemental Processes with TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol), and whole elemental Processes form a well-organized system which can take proper configuration in order to adapt itself to the job and number of devices.

  We have been refining and expanding the Measuring / Control systems adaptable to several types of Fuel Cell Plants, and have completed systems for existing Measuring instruments, for examples, DARWIN by Yokogawa Electric Corp. and MELSEC-Q by Mitsubishi Electric Corp.

  A random referring system can be formed by preparing the indication programs made by JAVA Applet, and you can refer to any data saved in the data-server from anywhere through a computer connected to Internet. The Measuring System for the Windmill offered by Green Power Inc. is to be constructed out of the Platform by Linux for categories (1) and (2), and Indication programs by JAVA Applet for (3).

Evaluation test system for Piezoelectric Transformer uparrow.gifPage Top


(Nissin Electric Co., Ltd., 2002)

  Piezoelectric Transformer is one of applications of Piezoelectric Effect that ceramic devices vibrate mechanically when low AC voltage of high-frequency, from several 10 kHz to 1Mhz, is applied on them and induce high voltage in consequence of their vibration.

  This Evaluation test system consists of functions for (1) automatically controlling the input conditions, frequency and voltage, on test pieces (ceramic devices) following the preset schedule, (2) examining the properties of devices, i.e. transformation ratios and frequency properties, by measuring voltage and amperage of induced currents as output, and (3) judging the quality of devices.

  The system also presents Quality control information such as Defect ratio and Xbar-R Control chart and so on, processing the results of examination saved on the disk.

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