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―Introduction of Our Company―

JCAT, Japan Computer Aided Technology Co., Ltd, was found in September of 1972 with a commitment to providing state-of-the art software for general-purpose computers all over the country. Previous projects developed for major customers using computer technology include ;

  • Controlling programs for various Production Plants and Transportations.
  • Observation systems for Weather and other Natural Phenomena.
  • Analyzing code for researches of new technology, including Flow of Diverted Plasma.
  • Measuring and simulation systems for pilot plants such as Fuel Cell.

The spread of small computers with high performance, and the progress of high-speed communication technology changed JCAT's works substantially in these ten years, but recognized for our quality products and commitment to service, we have been providing various kinds of programs and other software techniques in the new fields. The following are examples of our additional works in the new fields ;

  • The consulting activities on technical calculations using computers.
  • Establishing the internet-based communication systems for business companies and condominiums, and maintaining these systems.
  • * Translating and introducing the new materials for business and technology, including the introduction of Japanese-Chinese word processor.

― Greeting ―

        It was back in 1972 that we established this company as the workshop for computer software, with the abbreviated name of JCAD, on the third floor of a small building in the district of Nishi-Tenma, Osaka. Since then, for about 30 years, we have been enjoying the research of new technologies and providing programs in various fields. We owe the continuation of our business to customers who provided us with constant support in which they offered us the opportunities for works and research in the new lines.

       With the reason of leading the operation in the new technological field, Mr. Yasushi Iba, who had been serving as a chief of our business for many years resigned from the position of a Representative Director and I, Nishimura, was designated to the office to take over his duties. Knowing the weight of the responsibility and the gravity of the situation in our industrial world, I am prepared to extend myself in order to run the business successfully and open the new field of technology, utilizing the abilities acquired through our past 30 years of experience.

       Working under the name of JCAD, though the formal name of it was Japan Computer Aided Design Co., Ltd., we were frequently worried that our company may have been misunderstood as a specialized company for drawing production plans with CAD/CAM systems. Therefore we have decided to take this opportunity to partially change the name of the company as a turning point of our business.

       We sincerely hope to be of a good service to you with our new name of JCAT, Japan Computer Aided Technology Co., Ltd., continually in the future.

August, 2003
Japan Computer Aided Technology Co., Ltd.
Masahito Nishimura

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