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\The history of our company\

September1972 : JCAD (Japan Computer Aided Design Co., Ltd.) is founded with a capital of 100,000 yen.
( Most of the initial staff were from the Department of Aeronautical Engineering of Kyoto University. )
April 1973 :Begins to receive orders for computer programs.
December 1973 :Participates in the developing project for New Tram System led by Sumitomo Electric Industries, with programs for the traffic control system.
April 1977 :Begins the consulting business on general-purpose programs for structural analyses and calculations.
August 1982 :Introduces the software system for structural analyses and calculations that was developed by JCAD and can run on ordinary PCs.
September1986 :Introduces the Chinese word processor, gWen-hwah.
June 1988 :Introduces the management system gRENX 2h for rental shops.
December 1995 :Increases its capital to 10 million yen.
October 1996 :Obtains the authorization for business on Category II of General Communication. ( Begins the business operations as an Internet provider. )
December 1997 :Wins the prize for excellent works at gOsaka f97 Internet Venture Business Competitionh.
June 1998 :Opens the business with gKoh FAX Systemh ( facsimile service with advertisements ).
November 1998 :Appointed by the Governor of Osaka as a qualified company for gthe Special Acts on Creative Activitiesh. ( subject : the development of transforming system between e-mail and facsimile )
July 2003 :changes the companyfs name to JCAT, Japan Computer Aided Technology Co., Ltd.

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